The US Coalition reportedly Bombed a Village in Syria

June 25, 2018 | Brainwave Science


As a result of US-LED airstrike in the Deir ez-Zor province of Syria 8 people were killed.  The coalition targeted the village of al-Shaafa, reported EXPRESS, citing Syrian state-run media.

Due to this airstrike a lot of civilians’ houses were destroyed, still the number of wounded is unknown.  Violence escalated after the Syrian government moved to regain control of rebel-held areas in the south-west of the country.

The US State Department stated it was “deeply troubled by reports of increasing Syrian regime operations”.

They also noted the US-led coalition would take “firm and appropriate measures” to counter military operations within the de-escalation zone established last year to contain violence within the south-west region of the country.

A de-escalation pact was agreed upon by the US, Jordan and Russia in July 2017.Commenting on the violence, Heather Nauert, US State Department spokeswoman, said: “Syrian regime military and militia units, according to our reports, have violated the south-west de-escalation zone and initiated air strikes, artillery and rocket attacks.” She added: “The United States continues to warn both the Russian government and the Assad regime of the serious repercussions of these violations and demands that Russia restrain pro-regime forces from further actions within the southwest de-escalation zone.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also spoke with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov last weekend concerning violations of the de-escalation agreement.

Ms. Nauert commented on the discussion, stating Mr. Pompeo had emphasized the “critical nature of mutual adherence to this arrangement and the unacceptable nature of any unilateral activity by the Assad regime or Russia”.

She added: “The United States expects all parties to respect the ceasefire, protect civilian populations, and avoid broadening of the conflict.

“We remain committed to maintaining the stability of the southwest de-escalation zone and to the ceasefire underpinning it.”

The strikes come only days after the Syrian regime accused the US-led coalition of attacking a Syrian army position near the Iraqi border between Albu Kamal and Tanf, that killed numerous Shi’ite fighters.


What do you think, should violence be used to solve any problem? How to stop this “World War 3”? Violence doesn’t create a solution, it forces the weaker of the parties involved to forget/ignore the problem. In this day and age of diplomacy there ought to be better ways to solve problems or disagreements. One can choose to reason with the opposing party and it is possible that both side can come to an agreement that satisfies either sides’ needs. But how? Is there a peace deal possible with some technology solution that brings much wanted peace to the region?


 With so many social and political challenges in the world, there is a need of improvement in real time. Instead of reacting violently, authorities need to go the root of the problem. There is imperative an efficient method of intelligence collection that can quickly neutralize unfavorable threats. iCognative is an important security solution that helps achieve counterintelligence goals.

The technology used can detect in a subject’s brain the information he’s been holding back, previous acts of transgression and accurately and safely screens suspects using an infallible witness—the human brain- to stop terrorists, transnational criminals, and wanted individuals before violence or crime can occur.

The technology introduced by Brainwave Science called iCognative can very well be used to help preserve and protect human rights, by identifying threats and stopping them before it happens. iCognative can detect information, using an advanced semantic memory-related brain response, called P300. When contact with or membership of a hostile intelligence agency is suspected, a iCognative test can be conducted using stimuli such as identities, names, photographs, methods of communication, meeting places, code words, dead drops, names of handlers and contacts, to detect the presence or absence of that information.

By deployment of iCognative Technology by Brainwave Science, authorities can determine threats and gain information that is essential to fight back the current situation.



Image Source and (Stringer/AFP/Getty)