Our Story

Founded by visionaries, scientists, and technologists, Brainwave Science offers its ground-breaking iCognative technology with applications in National Security, Counter-terrorism, Border Security, Human and Drug Trafficking, Criminal Justice, and Immigration Control for law enforcement agencies worldwide.
We aim to help eliminate human suffering and torture in the process of interrogation. There is a huge gap of innovation in Law Enforcement, Counter-terrorism, and Counter Intelligence agencies, particularly in the field of investigation and interrogation. iCognative fills that void.
Brainwave Science developed and modernized iCognative technology to fulfill a fundamental need to prevent disasters, deliver truth, and exact justice. We worked with various law enforcement organizations and professionals to develop something incredible.

Through our persistent pursuit of knowledge, scientific advancements, technical innovation, and teamwork we strive to be the preeminent company, providing industry-defining solutions that addresses the shortcomings of bio-metric and forensic devices used today.

Relentlessly deliver truth and justice for governments, national security agencies, law enforcement agencies, corporations, and individuals at a global level through the iCognative solution.

All Brainwave Science’s employees embrace a shared set of values that guide our decisions and performance.


  • Trust

  • Security

  • Excellence

  • Proactive

  • Reliable