Detective Sen-Sgt Ron Iddles (Homicide Squad, Melbourne, Australia)

“iCognative has value as an investigative tool. Its primary role would be for use in eliminating suspects and allowing investigators to concentrate their efforts where they were most needed. It is regarded more reliable than lie-detector testing and would allow the innocent an avenue with which to clear themselves from suspicion. You’d know exactly where your resources have got to go.”

Dr Adel Al Eid (Former Brig. Gen at National Information in Ministry of Interior, Saudi Arabia)

“iCognative empowers investigators to accurately measure information hidden in a suspect’s brain, leading accurately to the terrorists who schemed, contributed or carried out any act of terrorism or a criminal offence even before it happens. This technique enables counter terrorism officials to scientifically test suspected terrorists and to indict or exonerate them based on the information stored in their brains, even if a suspect has participated in a sleeper cell.”

Indian Express and DNA India (Leading Newspapers in Indian Subcontinent)

“We are helping the CBI by using iCognative technology on the two suspects. This is a new technology in the country which is useful for cracking cases like this where the police need to find out some clues,” RSU Director and IPS officer Vikas Sahay told The Indian Express.