Building a safe and secure future, for nations and businesses to thrive

The iCognative technology, built on the foundation of P300 science, possesses the unprecedented ability to uncover hidden information in the mind of a suspect. This cutting-edge technology can reveal an individual’s future plans and intentions, as well as any past actions related to national security, criminal activities such as fraud, and theft in businesses, providing an investigative and intelligence-gathering edge like never before.

iCognative headset

Prioritizing safety and security for the prosperity and success of both nations and businesses

Brainwave Science identifies the fundamental lack in almost all countries and businesses to thrive – we built a powerful and revolutionary tool that proactively identifies and prevents National Security threats and crime in Government; fraud and theft in businesses.


Safe & Secure Environment

Enabling businesses to operate without fear of fraud or theft and allowing individuals to go about their daily lives without worrying about their personal safety


Attracting of Investment and Talent

Nation with a strong emphasis on safety and security is more likely to attract investment and talent, as businesses and individuals feel confident in the stability and predictability of the country

Growth and Innovation

Growth and Innovation

By eliminating fraud and theft,businesses can focus on growth and innovation, rather than constantly worrying about protecting their assets

iCognative™ can be applied in:


Fraud, corporate theft and information leaks cause business losses in the millions every year – but iCognative™ tests offer the screening, evidence and prevention to retain these lost revenues and protect business secrets.


Reliable intelligence obtained quickly aids government agencies in a range of applications, from national and homeland security to law enforcement. Cut investigation time down and weed out false leads with iCognative™.