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Monitor a suspect’s brainwave responses under examination and reveal whether they recognize and have knowledge of a critical information.

Experience the unparalleled power of the iCognative™ Suite with any of its three cutting-edge products


A scientifically advanced tool for uncovering concealed crime-related information in a suspect’s brain.


A scientifically validated tool for uncovering a person’s knowledge related to a specific crime, whether it’s conceptual or experiential.


A revolutionary tool that uses science to reveal the hidden intentions in a suspect’s brain, providing insight into their true motivations.


Each of the iCognative™ Suite products have been specifically designed to provide investigators with the most accurate, reliable, and actionable insights into the minds of suspects. By choosing any of the three iCognative™ Suite products, you will have access to the latest in brainwave monitoring technology, giving you the ability to uncover the truth and solve crimes like never before.

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Easy to Use ✓

Simply place the headset on the suspect’s head and input a range of stimuli including pictures, words, and phrases. As the suspect’s brain involuntarily responds to these stimuli, the headset collects the brainwave responses, providing you with invaluable insight into their mind.

No more lies
No more innocent victims
No more hidden intentions

iCognative™ helps you cut through the noise and get to the truth. Unlike human testimony, which can be easily manipulated, brainwaves cannot be falsified, making iCognative™ the ultimate tool in the fight against crime.

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iCognative™ utilizes the power of electroencephalography (EEG) to track brainwave responses with unparalleled accuracy. Using a headset outfitted with metal prongs discs, electrical activity is recorded seamlessly through the scalp without causing any discomfort or transmitted sensations to the subject.
As a widely accepted and vetted testing protocol, EEG has already proven its worth in the medical field, where it is used to diagnose a variety of conditions such as epilepsy, sleep disorders, anesthesia levels, comas and more with highly trusted and peer-reviewed results. It is also accepted in neuroscience, cognitive science, cognitive psychology, neurolinguistics and psychophysiological research. Brainwave Science is now leveraging the power of EEG to revolutionize investigation processes in fields such as national security, law enforcement, counterterrorism and business security. With iCognative™, agencies can access a more accurate and reliable method of uncovering the truth.


The iCognative™ technology harnesses the cutting-edge detection capabilities of the P300 waveform, an event-related potential (ERP) that the brain releases during the decision-making process, providing insight into a person’s subconscious reaction to a stimulus without revealing the nature of that stimulus. Instead, it records the response and can indicate if the person recognizes or has prior knowledge of the information presented to them.
Since the mid-1980s, ERPs like the P300 have been extensively studied and tested in the field of lie detection, making it a widely accepted and well-vetted clinical marker. The iCognative™ technology detects the presence or absence of a P300 response to a stimulus, enabling it to determine whether the subject is hiding known information. This patented science has been peer-reviewed by the scientific community, and Brainwave Science is now leveraging it to revolutionize government and commercial sectors beyond its medical applications. today!



iCognative™ is a game-changing tool for National and Homeland Security, Intelligence, Defense, and Law Enforcement agencies. It revolutionizes the way intelligence is collected and judicial prosecution is carried out by significantly speeding up investigations and interrogations. The advanced technology of iCognative™ allows for a direct look into the mind of suspects, providing insight into their knowledge, intentions, and motivations that would otherwise be impossible to uncover through traditional methods. With iCognative™, agencies can make more informed decisions, clear the innocent and bring the guilty to justice quickly. This powerful tool not only improves the efficiency of investigations and interrogations but also increases the overall effectiveness of agencies in protecting national security, defense, and law enforcement. Experience the power of iCognative™ and revolutionize the way you collect intelligence and prosecute criminals.


Don’t let deceitful clients or employees continue to drain funds from your business. With iCognative™ technology, you can recover lost revenue from employee theft, prevent fraud, and safeguard valuable trade secrets. This cutting-edge technology allows you to uncover the truth about the knowledge, intentions, and motivations of your clients and employees. By identifying potential fraud or theft early on, you can take preventative measures to protect your business and its finances. Additionally, iCognative™ technology can help you safeguard your company’s valuable trade secrets, ensuring that they remain confidential and protected from potential breaches.

The iCognative™ technology is an effective tool for businesses looking to protect their assets, financial stability, and reputation. With its advanced brainwave monitoring technology, you can identify and address potential threats to your business in a timely manner, before they cause significant damage. Experience the power of iCognative™ and safeguard your business today.

iCognative™ Benefits


Close to 99% accuracy




Non-invasive to the subject


No language




No known counter-measures


No false positives or false negatives


Test time less than 8 minutes


Real-time analysis


Application access through web portal


Peer-reviewed and patented


All data is securely logged

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