Krishna Ika

Ika Krishna
President and CEO

Krishna Ika has founded and managed a wide range of companies; at heart, he is a serial entrepreneur and an innovator. Mr. Ika serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Brainwave Science. From the very beginning of his career spanning over two decades, Krishna has served as a CEO, Founder and President of several successful companies in numerous verticals relating to healthcare, information technology, security as well as software Consulting.

He is also the Founder and President of Government Works, an information technology company specializing in the federal space with healthcare as its major concentration. Through the years, Government Works has provided products and services to numerous U.S. departments, including Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defence, Department of Justice, Department of Health and Human Services, and others. In late 2019, Government Works’ healthcare asset was acquired by one of the largest health insurance groups – Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Prior to Government Works, Krishna was the cofounder of ikaSystems, a leader in enterprise managed care, which raised over $140m from Providence Equity, and was sold to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. He also cofounded Envitec Corp, which was named the 34th fastest-growing commercial consulting corporation in the New England area. Most recently, Krishna cofounded RxAdvance and NirvanaHelath , an innovative PBM and full-fledged healthcare automation company. RxAdvance partnered with and is funded by large groups like Centene and Walgreens.

Niels Birbaumer

Dr. Niels Birbaumer
Chief Scientist

Niels Birbaumer, Ph.D. is a Professor Emeritus of Behavioral Neurobiology at the University of Tubingen, Germany and a Guest Professor of Neuroengeneering at The University of Padova, Italy. He is one of the highest decorated Neuroscientists in Germany and a pioneer of research on the neurobehavioral treatment of criminal psychopathy, epilepsy, and motor paralysis.

He and his team have developed brain computer interfaces (BCI) that allow direct transfer of brain activity information to computers. This neurolink technology supports computer aided self-regulation of brain systems includingbrain communication in paralysis, movement and behavior change. His research in the sphere of criminal justice has helped identify the regions of the brain responsible for psychopathic criminal behavior and tendencies. He has also developed and tested behavioral neurofeedback training for criminal psychopaths. He and his team have shown that concealed information can be uncovered by application of transcranial non-invasive currents to the brain.

Prof. Birbaumer has published more than 700 scientific papers in prestigious peer-reviewed journals such as Nature and Science. He is the author of more than 20 books, chief among them being the bestselling book “Your Brain Knows More Than You Think”, which is translated into many languages.

Professor Birbaumers’ seminal work has made him a highly sought-after authority who has held several important academic positions globally. Among them, he is a Professor of Psychology at the Pennsylvania State University, Pennsylvania; visiting Professor at the University of Madison, Wisconsin; and a visiting Professor at the NIH, Bethesda, Maryland in the US. He is Professor Emeritus at the University of Tubingen, Germany, and Professor at the University of Munich, Germany; visiting Professor at Complutense University, Madrid, Spain, Professor at University of Padova, Italy and Professor at the University of Trento, Italy.

He is a Fellow of several scientific societies such as AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science), APA (American Psychological Association), President of the Society for Psychophysiological Research (SPR) and several European Scientific Organizations. He is member of the German National Academy of Science and the Academy of Science and Literature, Mainz, Germany.

Professor Birbaumer received his Ph.D. in Experimental and Clinical Psychology at the University of Vienna 1969; completed his clinical education at the Middlesex Hospital, London, and the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry in Munich; and became Full Professor of Physiological and Clinical Psychology at the Univ. of Tubingen in 1975. Prof. Birbaumer has received four prestigious honorary doctorates from the Universities of Jena (Germany); Complutense University, Madrid; University of Vienna, Austria; and University of Salzburg, Austria.

He is a certified Psychological Psychotherapist and was director of several clinical programs at Universities and Neurological Hospitals, chief among them being in University of Tubingen and at Ospedale San Camillo, Venice, Italy.

Laxmidhhar Behera

Dr. Laxmidhar Behera
Chief Architect

Laxmidhar Behera, Ph.D. is the Director of IIT Mandi, as well as a teacher, researcher, author and industrial collaborator working for over 25 years in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Machine Learning.

Professor Behera has more than 280 publications, journals and conference proceedings, including many peer-reviewed articles receiving best paper awards. His co-authored book, “Intelligent Systems and Control”, an Oxford University Press publication, is now in its 5th reprint and is a prescribed graduate level textbook in many universities across the world. Laxmidhar has authored several books pioneering the fields of artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning. He has also been Associate Editor for two International journals published by Taylor & Francis and Hindwai.

His research work lies in the convergence of machine learning, control theory, robotic vision and heterogeneous robotic platforms, in which he has contributed innovative advancements in the theoretical and experimental paradigms for this field. His other research interests include intelligent control, semantic signal/music processing, neural networks, Brain Computer Interface (BCI), control of cyber-physical systems, and cognitive modeling. Professor Behera is the recipient of many large exclusive grants to support his ground-breaking research.

Automating industry with innovative science, Prof. Behera has initiated academic-industrial collaborations with TCS, India; Renault Nissan; BEL, Bangalore, India; and ADNOC, Abu Dhabi. These collaborations have made significant technological developments in the areas of robotics-based warehouse automation, vision and drone-guided driver assistance systems, and drone-guided pipeline inspection systems. He has established international research collaborations with ETH, Zurich; University of Texas, San Antonio, US; University of Edinburgh, UK; University of Ulster, UK; NAIST, Japan; and Deakin University, Australia.

Lending his genius to many academic institutions Prof. Behera has worked as an Assistant Professor at BITS Pilani (1995- 1999), and as a Reader at Intelligent Systems Research Center (ISRC), University of Ulster, United Kingdom (2007-2009). He has been a Visiting Researcher/Professor at FHG, Germany, and ETH, Zurich, Switzerland. He has supervised 19 PhD Student theses to completion and is guiding 16 PhD students currently. He is a Fellow of INAE and Senior Member of IEEE, and a Technical Committee member on IEEE SMC on Robotics and Intelligent Systems.

Prof. Behera received BSc (engineering) and MSc (engineering) degrees from NIT, Rourkela in 1988 and 1990, respectively. He received his PhD degree from IIT Delhi in 1996. He pursued his postdoctoral studies in the German National Research Center for Information Technology, GMD, Sank Augustin, Germany, during 2000-2001. Prof. Laxmidhar Behera remains a global innovator and visionary in his field.

Honoring Our Past Contributors

Dr. J Peter Rosenfeld (1939-2021)

It is with great respect that Brainwave Science acknowledges and remembers Dr J Peter Rosenfeld, a valued member of the company’s science advisory board before his passing in 2021.

A founding father of the P300 concealed information test, Dr Rosenfeld was the leader of one of the world’s most influential scientific labs at Northwestern University devoted to P300 brainwave study, and he was a true pioneer in the field of concealed information detection. As a professor of psychology in the neuroscience department at Northwestern University for 40 years and the author of over three dozen scientific and academic publications, Dr Rosenfeld continually contributed his revolutionary findings to the world of science.

At Brainwave Science, we are humbled that this great mind had chosen to become a part of our team, offering valuable scientific findings and mentoring to our iCognative™ technology – a real-world application directly utilizing the results of his scientific legacy. Dr Rosenfeld applauded Brainwave Science’s efforts to incorporate his discoveries in concealed information testing to create an applicable product that reduces the abuse of human rights while upholding scientific standards. He served as an esteemed advisor during his time on the Brainwave Science team and we are honored to now receive and uphold his revolutionary work, patents and legacy.
The loss of Dr Rosenfeld ripples through the scientific and forensic community, as well as through those who knew and loved him.

“Not even a single preparator should escape from the law and not even a single innocent should be punished – this can be achieved scientifically.“ At Brainwave Science we are devoted to fulfilling Dr Rosenfeld’s dream.

Itzhak Ilan (1956 – 2020)

It is with pride and gratitude that Brainwave Science remembers Itshak Ilan, who contributed unparalleled contributions to the development of the iCognative™ system before his passing in 2020.

Mr. Ilan was the former Deputy Director of the Israeli Security Agency (“Shin-Bet”) and held various senior intelligence positions and sensitive high-security clearance roles. Mr. Ilan’s vast experience in managing complex security and intelligence operations, as well as addressing crisis situations, led him to becoming a bridge between the scientific and the intelligence community.

Mr. Ilan was interested in using non-invasive scientific technology to assist in solving crimes, and he contributed greatly to the transformation of modern P300 science into the user-friendly and field-applicable system that iCognative™ is today.
It is due to his knowledge, gained from over 30 years in Israel’s top security agency and his close cooperation with the Israeli Police and the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), that Mr. Ilan provided valuable input that made iCognative™ what it is today. Features such as the Conceal Finder, Witness Finder and Intention Finder are largely in existence due to his careful mentorship.

Brainwave Science continues to proudly march toward his vision of cutting-edge science in the field of investigation, and we continue to humbly pursue justice for all humanity in honor of Itzhak Ilan’s tremendous life’s work.