China’s Major Drug Bust: 4.5 Tons Seized and 381 Arrests Made

June 25, 2024
China Drug Bust


Chinese authorities have seized 4.5 tons of illicit drugs this year, resulting in 381 arrests. This operation highlights ongoing efforts to tackle drug trafficking, with a specific focus on controlling substances like fentanyl. State media reported significant collaboration with the US to address this issue, demonstrating a key international partnership.

Source: The Times of India


The crackdown on drug trafficking in China has intensified, especially at border ports where authorities have successfully intercepted large quantities of illicit drugs. Enhanced cooperation between Washington and Beijing has also led to a major investigation into drug-linked money laundering. This partnership comes despite broader tensions in Sino-American relations. Furthermore, China’s prosecutorial offices have actively prosecuted thousands of drug-related cases, indicating a robust response to the growing challenge posed by drug crimes, especially those facilitated by the internet and online delivery systems.



iCognative technology functions by analyzing brainwave responses to specific stimuli that are relevant to illicit drug activities. Authorities can present known images, words, or situations linked to drug trafficking to suspects while monitoring their brain’s response. This process helps determine if the suspect recognizes these stimuli, suggesting their involvement or knowledge of the activities.

Implementing iCognative could significantly bolster efforts to combat the complex web of drug trafficking, ensuring more effective law enforcement and judicial processes.

Source: Brainwave Science