Cocaine Seizure Atlantic: 2.4 Tons Confiscated from Fishing Boat

May 28, 2024
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The French navy seized 2.4 tons of cocaine from a Venezuelan fishing boat in the Atlantic, authorities said Monday. Acting on a tip from the customs department, a helicopter from the surveillance frigate Ventôse landed a team on the fishing boat approximately 1,500 kilometers northeast of Martinique. The crew and the cocaine were handed over to Venezuelan authorities. This incident marked yet another large cocaine seizure in the Atlantic this month. On May 2 and May 9, the Ventôse and the patrol vessel La Résolue seized 2,466 kilograms of cocaine off the coast of the Antilles. The French navy has now seized over 12 tons of narcotics this year, highlighting the Caribbean’s growing role in the trafficking of cocaine from South America to Europe and North America.

Source: CBSNews


The recent seizure of 2.4 tons of cocaine underscores the persistent and evolving threat of international drug trafficking. The Caribbean’s strategic location makes it a critical transit point for cocaine moving from South America to Europe and North America. The significant increase in cocaine interceptions in the region reflects the adaptability and determination of drug traffickers, who use various vessels, including fishing boats and semi-submersibles, to evade detection. This ongoing battle against narcotics trafficking requires robust international cooperation and advanced detection methods to effectively combat these sophisticated smuggling operations.



iCognative™ technology offers a powerful tool to enhance the fight against drug trafficking by detecting concealed knowledge through brainwave analysis. By presenting suspects with specific stimuli related to drug trafficking operations, iCognative measures their brain responses to determine a recognition. This innovative approach provides critical insights for law enforcement agencies.

In operations like the recent cocaine seizure in the Atlantic, iCognative technology can provide essential insights into suspects’ knowledge and intentions. This enhances the effectiveness of international collaborations and strengthens efforts to combat organized drug trafficking.

Source: Brainwave Science