Dubai Phone Fraud Arrests: 494 Scammers Caught

May 31, 2024


Dubai Police have arrested 494 individuals involved in 406 phone fraud cases targeting bank customers over the past year. The fraudsters used phone calls, emails, SMS, and social media links to trick victims and access their savings and bank accounts. Significant amounts of money, mobile phones, laptops, and SIM cards were seized during the arrests. Authorities have repeatedly warned residents against such scams.

Source: Khaleej Times


The large-scale operation by Dubai Police highlights the persistent threat of phone fraud in the UAE. Scammers employ various tactics to deceive victims, including posing as bank officials or government representatives. Despite numerous warnings, many residents still fall prey to these schemes. The emotional and financial toll on victims can be devastating, as seen in the case of a Portuguese cabin crew member who lost her savings. The increasing sophistication of these scams necessitates enhanced public awareness and robust preventive measures.



iCognative™ technology can play a crucial role in combating phone fraud by detecting concealed knowledge through brainwave analysis. By presenting suspects with specific stimuli related to fraud tactics, iCognative measures their brain responses to determine recognition. This approach provides valuable insights for law enforcement agencies.

In the context of the Dubai phone fraud arrests, iCognative technology offers essential insights into suspects’ knowledge and intentions. This enhances the effectiveness of investigations and supports efforts to combat sophisticated fraud operations.

Source: Brainwave Science