Strengthening Euro 2024 Security: Leveraging iCognative Technology

June 13, 2024
Euro 2024 security


Germany welcomed police officers from across Europe on Thursday to bolster its defenses against potential threats at the Euro 2024 soccer tournament, with Interior Minister Nancy Faeser promising vigilance on the eve of the opening match.

Source: Reuters


As Germany prepares to host Euro 2024, concerns over security have intensified amidst warnings of potential Islamist terrorism threats. Interior Minister Nancy Faeser emphasized that the primary focus is on Islamist terrorism, hooliganism, cyber attacks, and general public safety during the month-long tournament. German security authorities are on high alert due to threats issued by groups like the Islamic State, although they have not identified any specific plots yet. The tournament is expected to attract 2.7 million attendees in stadiums and 12 million in fan zones across Germany, reminiscent of the popular zones during the 2006 World Cup.



iCognative™ operates by analyzing brainwave patterns to detect specific knowledge related to security threats, such as Islamist terrorism, at events like Euro 2024. This technology enhances security operations in the following ways:

Integrating iCognative™ enhances Germany’s ability to proactively detect and mitigate security risks during Euro 2024, ensuring a safer environment for participants and spectators alike.

Source: Brainwave Science