Ghana Illegal Mining Arrest: Authorities Nab 6 Suspects

June 11, 2024
Ghana illegal mining


On April 9, 2024, during a targeted crackdown, security forces detained a Chinese national known as Wu and five Ghanaians linked to a Ghana illegal mining arrest. They were engaged in unauthorized mining at the Zoar Mining Enterprise concession in Twifo Atti-Morkwa District, Central region. This group had severely damaged over 50 acres of the 120-acre concession with their heavy machinery.

Source: AdomOnline


Zoar Mining’s security team conducted extensive surveillance and laid strategic ambushes to capture the culprits. The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, which had authorized Zoar Mining a five-year lease to mine gold and diamonds, played a crucial role in the operation. They directed the transfer of the arrested individuals to Ministries Police in Accra. The suspects claimed they worked for a fugitive named Ernest, highlighting a larger network involved in illegal mining.



iCognative technology, developed by Brainwave Science, operates by analyzing brainwave responses to specific stimuli related to a crime. In this case, suspects are exposed to details or images connected to the illegal mining activities. The technology detects the P300-MERMER brain response, which occurs when the brain recognizes information it has previously encountered. This response indicates a suspect’s familiarity with the illicit operation, providing objective evidence of their involvement.

Implementing iCognative could significantly improve the effectiveness of operations against illegal mining, helping to protect legitimate enterprises and conserve national resources. This case forms part of the broader Ghana illegal mining arrest effort to combat unauthorized extraction activities.

Source: Brainwave Science