Greek police arrest high-ranking member of a Russian mafia group

June 27, 2024
Police arrest


Greek police arrested a suspected high-ranking member of a Russian mafia group. The 51-year-old Georgian national was wanted by Russia under an Interpol red notice. This operation underscores Europe’s ongoing battle against the “vor v zakone” network, a ruthless criminal organization with roots in the Soviet Union.

Source: Reuters


The arrest exposes the persistent threat posed by Russian organized crime in Europe. The “vor v zakone” network, known for its strict hierarchy and brutality, is a major security concern. Investigating and dismantling these mafia groups is complex due to their secrecy, international reach, and use of intimidation tactics.



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Integrating iCognative into the judicial process could significantly help resolve the Turkish officer human trafficking charges effectively, ensuring justice is upheld.

Source: Brainwave Science