Greek Coastguard Officers Investigated for Role in Migrant Shipwreck

June 27, 2024
Greek Coastguard Migrant Shipwreck Probe


In a significant development in the Greek Coastguard Migrant Shipwreck Probe, coastguards are set to testify as suspects. This follows their involvement in a disastrous event off the coast of Pylos, Greece, where hundreds are feared dead from a vessel that sank while carrying 700 people from Libya to Italy. The incident saw the rescue of 104 survivors and the recovery of 82 bodies, but accountability remains elusive one year later.

Source: Reuters


Led by Greece’s ombudsman, Andreas Pottakis, the investigation scrutinizes about 10 coastguard officers, including leaders who oversaw the overloaded ship. Reports indicate that the shipwreck may have worsened when coastguards attempted to tow the boat, a move survivors say caused it to capsize. The probe seeks to determine if these actions or failures contributed significantly to the tragedy.



iCognative technology could be pivotal in the Greek Coastguard Migrant Shipwreck Probe by analyzing brainwave responses to specific incident-related stimuli such as images from the shipwreck or audio recordings.

The integration of iCognative could offer crucial insights, aiding in clarifying the sequence of events leading to the shipwreck and supporting the pursuit of justice for the victims and their families.

Source: Brainwave Science