iCognative™ - Homeland Security Application

Non-invasive and efficient tool

iCognative™ technology can be a valuable asset in addressing homeland security challenges by providing a non-invasive and efficient means of identifying individuals who may pose a threat to homeland security. 

Get a multi-layered approach to security

The technology can quickly screen individuals and reveal hidden information present in a subject’s brain, such as their true identity, connections to terror networks, and future intentions.

More reliable than traditional methods

The iCognative™ test is applicable to a majority of crimes where a witness or suspect can be questioned. Unlike traditional methods that rely on unreliable testimony from people under interrogation, iCognative™ pulls the truth out through brainwave monitoring.

With iCognative™, investigators can quickly and accurately link suspects to their crimes, making it an essential tool in the fight against crime and homeland and security threats.

For a more efficient and accurate immigration control

The United States Homeland Security faces a wide range of challenges, including the threat of terrorism, illegal immigration, smuggling of contraband, and the spread of infectious diseases. These challenges require a multi-layered approach to security, including intelligence gathering, surveillance, and physical security measures.