iCognative™ - Insurance Application


A scientifically advanced tool for uncovering concealed crime-related information in a suspect’s brain.


A revolutionary tool that uses science to reveal the hidden intentions in a suspect’s brain, providing insight into their true motivations.

No more lies. No more innocent victims. No more hidden intentions.

iCognative™ helps you cut through the noise and get to the truth. Unlike human testimony, which can be easily manipulated, brainwaves cannot lie, making iCognative™ the ultimate tool in the fight against crime.

iCognative headset

Identify fraudsters and put an end to the rising cost of insurance fraud

iCognative™ is a cutting-edge technology that has been proven to effectively detect and deter fraudulent and theft activity by customers, agents, and even internal fraudsters.

By mandating iCognative™ tests in cases of suspected fraud, insurance companies can verify the authenticity of documentation and personal statements, effectively preventing scammers from obtaining undeserved financial gain.