INTERPOL Financial Fraud: How iCognative Can Help

June 17, 2024
INTERPOL financial fraud


INTERPOL Financial Fraud Assessment reveals the growing global threat posed by advanced technology in facilitating organized crime. The report highlights the use of AI, large language models, and cryptocurrencies by criminal groups. These technologies enable sophisticated fraud campaigns, often carried out through phishing and ransomware services. Notably, the report also underscores the role of human trafficking victims in executing “pig-butchering” scams, which blend romance and investment fraud, utilizing call centers primarily in Southeast Asia.



The INTERPOL Financial Fraud Assessment illustrates the alarming rise of financial fraud worldwide, driven by technological advancements. Criminal organizations are increasingly using AI and cryptocurrencies to perpetrate complex scams. The “pig-butchering” scams, which combine romance and investment frauds, are a significant concern. These scams often involve human trafficking victims forced to operate call centers. INTERPOL’s report underscores the urgency of a coordinated global response to tackle these crimes, emphasizing the need for robust information sharing and collaboration across sectors.



iCognative™ is a revolutionary technology that leverages brainwave analysis to detect familiarity with specific information, making it highly effective in financial fraud investigations. By analyzing suspects’ brainwaves when exposed to relevant stimuli, iCognative™ can identify those with direct knowledge of criminal activities. This advanced tool enhances investigative operations, providing precise and actionable insights.

By integrating iCognative™ into their investigative toolkit, authorities can enhance their ability to combat financial fraud, rescue trafficking victims, and dismantle sophisticated criminal networks.

Source: Brainwave Science