Kent Cannabis Smuggling Busted

June 21, 2024


Kent Police have successfully dismantled a major drug smuggling operation after arresting two key members, Samuel Dunne and Keenan Hall-Shelton. The group, based in Kent, UK, concealed tons of cannabis within shipments of children’s toys and clothes, smuggling the drugs from the US into the UK and Spain between February 2022 and April 2023.

Source: BBC


This case exposes a concerning trend of organized crime groups resorting to creative concealment methods to smuggle drugs. The significant financial gain from this operation, estimated at £10 million per year, highlights the profitability of the illegal drug trade.



iCognitive offers a unique approach to combatting drug smuggling by analyzing brainwaves in the brain. This technology can potentially assess an individual’s knowledge or hidden memories with the help of P300 brainwave. By measuring brainwave activity in response to specific stimuli, iCognitive can reveal hidden details about concealment methods, past operations, or even future plans. Here’s how it could be valuable in the Kent Cannabis Smuggling case:

iCognative’s potential to identify new smuggling techniques and support investigations could be an asset for law enforcement.

Source: Brainwave Science