Chalet Rental Scams in Kuwait

June 7, 2024


Kuwait City is witnessing a surge in chalet rental scams targeting residents eager for summer vacations. Hundreds have reportedly been victims of fraudulent schemes involving fake reservations and payments. These scams have caused significant financial losses, leaving families frustrated and their dream vacations in jeopardy. The authorities are urging residents to exercise caution and implement preventative measures to avoid falling prey to these deceptive tactics.

Source: ArabTimes


Fraudsters are exploiting the peak demand for chalets during summer and Eid al-Adha holidays. They lure unsuspecting residents with attractive prices advertised on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. These scams often involve creating fake websites or social media accounts showcasing enticing offers. Once victims make deposits or full payments, the perpetrators disappear, leaving them with financial losses and no vacation.



iCognitive, a technology that analyzes brainwaves to detect hidden agendas or plannings, could offer a powerful tool to combat chalet rental scams. Here’s how:

By incorporating iCognitive, Kuwaiti authorities could potentially expose the masterminds behind these scams, disrupt their operations, and protect residents from falling victim to such deceptive practices.

Source: Brainwave Science