Kuwait: Lady doctor jailed for 5 years over citizenship fraud

June 7, 2024


In a move highlighting Kuwait’s crackdown on Kuwait citizenship fraud, a foreign gynecologist was sentenced to five years in prison for impersonating a Kuwaiti citizen. The woman, whose nationality remains undisclosed, stole a Kuwaiti man’s passport. Then she altered her appearance and attempted to enter Kuwait using the stolen documents. Kuwaiti immigration officials identified discrepancies and apprehended her.

Source: GulfNews


This case highlights Kuwait’s intensifying efforts to combat citizenship fraud. The country, with a population of 4.8 million where foreigners constitute a significant majority, has reportedly revoked citizenship from hundreds suspected of obtaining it through fraudulent means or holding dual nationality. This crackdown is evident by the Interior Ministry establishing a dedicated hotline for reporting such cases and offering anonymity to whistleblowers.



iCognitive is a technology that uses advanced brainwave analysis to detect hidden knowledge or deception. It works by measuring the P300 wave, an electrical signal produced by the brain in response to familiar stimuli. By exposing suspects to strategically chosen stimuli related to the suspected fraudulent activity, iCognitive can potentially reveal:

By incorporating iCognitive into their investigations, Kuwaiti authorities could potentially streamline the process of identifying fraudulent citizenship, expose networks involved in such schemes, and ensure they are targeting the right individuals.

Source: Brainwave Science