Major Operation in Malaysia: Eight Detained for Drug and Firearms Trafficking

June 26, 2024
Malaysia Drug Firearms Trafficking


In a decisive crackdown, Malaysian authorities in Johor Bahru have arrested eight individuals linked to a sophisticated drug and firearms trafficking ring. This action followed a tense shootout in Taman Abad on June 14, which resulted in the deaths of two syndicate leaders. This operation highlights intensified efforts against organized crime, particularly in combating the Malaysia drug firearms trafficking.

Source: The Sun


After receiving actionable intelligence, police swiftly coordinated raids across several locations in Wadihana, Kempas Utama, and Taman Abad. They apprehended four local men and four women (three locals and one foreigner) associated with the trafficking operations. During these operations, authorities confiscated six pistols, 167 rounds of ammunition, and various drugs with a combined street value of RM96,082. These efforts are a testament to the relentless pursuit of dismantling criminal networks within Malaysia, focusing on the flow of illegal firearms and drugs.



iCognative technology could prove incredibly useful in the Malaysia drug firearms trafficking operation. This advanced tool analyzes brainwave responses when subjects see specific stimuli related to their alleged crimes. For example, officials could use images of the seized drugs, firearms, or locations linked to the syndicate as stimuli.

Integrating iCognative allows Malaysian authorities to bolster their capabilities to dismantle organized crime networks, significantly advancing their efforts to curb illegal activities like drug trafficking and firearms smuggling.

Source: Brainwave Science