Olympic Torch Plot: French Arrest Over Suspected Attack Plan

May 23, 2024


French authorities detained a man suspected of planning an attack on the Olympic torch relay in Bordeaux, as announced by French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin. Although details are scarce, Darmanin commended the police for maintaining security during Thursday’s relay. Prosecutors revealed that the suspect had written a message that potentially glorified crime and referred to a past mass killing in the US. This suspected Olympic torch plot arises as the Olympic flame, which arrived in Marseille earlier this month, makes its way to Paris for the 2024 Games. An unprecedented security operation is in place for the opening ceremony on 26 July, involving over 10,000 athletes. The suspect, named Alex G, admitted to considering an act but had no specific location in mind and no direct mention of the Olympic flame relay.

Source: BBC


This incident underscores the heightened security challenges surrounding major international events like the Olympic Games. The potential threat to the Olympic torch relay in Bordeaux highlights ongoing risks posed by individuals influenced by extremist ideologies. The suspect’s interest in the Incel movement, combined with his psychological fragility, illustrates the complex nature of such threats. Thus, this situation demonstrates the importance of proactive measures and thorough investigations to prevent possible attacks and ensure the safety of participants and spectators.



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In cases like the suspected Olympic torch relay plot, iCognative technology can provide crucial insights. It can include the suspect’s knowledge and intentions, enhancing the effectiveness of security operations. This powerful tool supports law enforcement in safeguarding public events and mitigating risks associated with extremist threats.

Source: Brainwave Science