USD 257 million seized in global police crackdown against online scams

June 28, 2024


A global police operation (“Operation First Light 2024”) targeting online scams has resulted in significant disruption to these criminal networks. Over $257 million in assets were seized, 3,950 suspects arrested, and potential new leads identified on over 14,000 others.

Source: Interpol


This operation highlights the vast reach and profitability of online scams. From phishing emails to fake shopping sites, these scams exploit trust and technology to steal billions from unsuspecting victims around the world. International cooperation is crucial to dismantle these sophisticated networks.



iCognitive offers a novel approach to combatting online scams by analyzing brainwave activity during questioning. Individuals are presented with stimuli related to the investigation, such as social engineering tactics, website layouts, or victim profiles. iCognitive then measures the P300 wave, brain response that occurs when someone recognizes familiar information. By analyzing these brainwaves, iCognitive can potentially detect hidden knowledge or involuntary responses that a suspect might not consciously reveal. This can be a game-changer in online scam investigations where the perpetrators often employ complex schemes and operate across borders.

Operation First Light represents a significant victory against online fraud. However, the fight is far from over. As scammers adapt their tactics, law enforcement needs innovative tools. iCognitive’s ability to analyze brainwaves offers promising potential to understand victim targeting, identify hidden connections within online criminal networks, and track stolen funds.

Source: Brainwave Science