Singapore Ex-Employee Hacked Servers After Firing

June 13, 2024


Singapore Jailed Ex-Employee for Hacking Company Servers After Dismissal. Nagaraju, fired for poor performance in October 2022, gained unauthorized access and deleted critical data, causing financial losses. This case highlights the potential for disgruntled employees to pose a cybersecurity threat.

Source: IndiaToday


This incident underscores the importance of robust cybersecurity measures, particularly regarding access control and data security. Nagaraju’s ability to exploit his former administrator credentials demonstrates a security gap. Additionally, the case highlights the potential for disgruntled employees to lash out in destructive ways, posing a significant risk to companies.



iCognitive, a technology that analyzes brainwaves to detect hidden knowledge, could be a valuable tool in such cases:

iCognative’s potential to reveal hidden knowledge and connections could be a valuable asset for companies in mitigating the risks posed by disgruntled employees.

Source: Brainwave Science