200 Arrested in Sri Lanka Online Scam Operation

July 1, 2024
Sri Lanka Online Scam


Sri Lankan police have arrested over 200 foreigners, mostly Indians, for their involvement in online financial scams. This major operation underscores a significant crackdown on cyber fraud that spans several countries and involves intricate international money flows.

Source: The Indian Express


Authorities launched the investigation following a complaint about a deceptive WhatsApp group that promised cash for social media interactions. The probe led to significant raids in Colombo’s suburbs and Negombo, where police seized a large array of digital devices. Investigations revealed that the scammers funneled the illicit funds to bank accounts in the UK, Dubai, and India, unveiling a complex global scam network.



In the Sri Lanka online scam investigation, iCognative technology is pivotal. By deploying specific stimuli related to this online scam, such as images from fraudulent websites, scam-related communications, or logos and screenshots from implicated social media platforms, this technology evaluates suspects’ brain responses. As suspects encounter these stimuli, iCognative technology measures their brain’s reactions. Consequently, when a suspect’s brain exhibits a recognition pattern in response to these stimuli, it indicates prior knowledge or familiarity with the scam elements, suggesting their potential involvement. This scientific approach effectively links suspects to criminal activities, offering a robust method to confirm their connections to the operations.

Integrating iCognative could enhance the effectiveness of the investigations, ensuring more robust and efficient legal proceedings.

Source: Brainwave Science