Texas Drug Bust Arrests 41 Suspects Linked to Mexican Cartel

April 3, 2024


A major drug bust in Texas has led to the arrest of 41 people accused of smuggling and selling drugs for a dangerous Mexican cartel. 23 suspects are already in custody, and authorities are searching for the rest. The investigation spanned several states and resulted in the seizure of large quantities of illegal drugs and money.

Source: CW39 


This case highlights the extent of the drug trafficking problem in the US. Powerful cartels based in Mexico often smuggle dangerous drugs across the border, creating a network of dealers and suppliers throughout the country. This recent bust disrupts this network, but it also shows how challenging it is to stop these criminal organizations.


International Networks: Drug cartels operate across borders, making it difficult for law enforcement to track their activities and stop the flow of drugs into the US.

Large-Scale Operations: These criminal organizations often involve many people, making it hard to identify all those responsible and bring them to justice.

Vast Profits: The illegal drug trade generates huge amounts of money, motivating criminals to continue their activities despite the risks.


iCognative™ is a brainwave-based tool that can detect whether someone knows specific information. This technology works by inputting specific confidential information under investigation and conducting a test on suspects to identify whether the information is available in the suspect’s brain or not. In cases like drug smuggling, it could help investigators in several ways:

Identifying All Involved: Testing suspects with iCognative could reveal knowledge about the cartel’s operations, drug shipments, or other key players who are not yet caught.

Connecting the Network: Brainwave responses could help investigators link known suspects, uncover their roles in the drug ring, and understand how the operation works.

Exposing Lies: Individuals who claim to know nothing about the drug trade could be tested. If iCognative detects hidden knowledge, it could indicate their involvement.

This drug bust is a major win for law enforcement but highlights the ongoing battle against drug trafficking. iCognative technology could further enhance their efforts, offering a powerful tool to identify cartel members, expose connections, and achieve close to 99% accuracy in these investigations.

Source: Brainwave Science