UAE Drug Seizure: 78 Tonnes of Narcotics Worth Dh2.4 Billion Seized Using AI

June 5, 2024
UAE drug seizure


The UAE has significantly advanced its fight against narcotics with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, leading to a major UAE drug seizure. This effort has led to a significant reduction in drug-related crimes globally. Over the last five years, authorities have seized 78 tonnes of drugs worth Dh2.4 billion and arrested 179 suspects in 196 worldwide operations.

Source: Khaleej Times


The UAE’s use of AI tools to combat drug trafficking has yielded significant results. Within the last five years, the UAE drug seizure operations have netted 78 tonnes of drugs valued at Dh2.4 billion and have led to the arrest of 179 suspects. The AI tools helped detect and block online promotions of narcotics, both locally and globally. The Ministry of Interior, in collaboration with the Ministry of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications, worked with global partners like Meta. These efforts have placed the UAE at the forefront of global drug crime reduction, with a 103% increase in arrests of drug traffickers. Additionally, the UAE’s participation in international operations led to the confiscation of 6.9 tonnes of drugs. The country also intensified its crackdown on money laundering linked to drug crimes, freezing 1,881 bank accounts and arresting 173 suspects.



The incorporation of iCognative technology could significantly bolster the UAE’s anti-drug initiatives by providing a more profound layer of analysis and verification. This technology, by analyzing brainwaves, can determine if an individual has knowledge of or involvement in drug trafficking operations:

In summary, by integrating iCognative with existing AI tools, the UAE can further sharpen its edge against the complex landscape of global drug trafficking, ensuring more robust enforcement and prevention measures. This integration promises to enhance both the detection of drug-related activities and the effectiveness of subsequent legal and financial controls.

Source: Brainwave Science