Prevent significant financial losses

Corporate fraud and theft can cause significant financial losses for businesses, with estimates showing that companies may lose millions of dollars in revenue due to these threats. It is estimated American corporations lose 5 to 6% in fraud and theft. These risks can come in various forms such as employee theft, leaking of trade secrets, and intellectual property, and fraud. To combat these risks, businesses can implement P300 science or iCognative™ technology in their hiring, screening, and investigative processes.

Identify deception in a non-invasive way. Screen employees to uncover potential fraudsters before they can cause damage

For a more efficient and secure company

iCognative™ technology measures brain activity in response to certain stimuli to identify individuals with knowledge or involvement in fraudulent activities. This non-invasive technology can be used in controlled environments and has been proven effective in identifying deception. Using iCognative™ technology you can track the leak of sensitive information by measuring the subjects’ brainwaves instead of relying on the lies they may tell to cover up their guilt. As an effective screening tool, it can confirm the identities of employees or partners and prove their intentions, clearing them before protected information is shared. This technology helps you maintain confidence in your team and partners while accurately identifying and tracking down the sources of lost revenue through fraud and theft. Trust the science.

iCognative™ can be used in:

  • confidential information theft
  • falsification of accounts
  • asset misappropriation
  • money laundering
  • payroll fraud
  • insider trading