Save time and resources with iCognative™

The process of controlling and managing immigration is a complex and challenging task, with many individuals attempting to deceive immigration agents through the use of disguises, false documents, and uncooperative behavior. This can lead to a significant amount of time and resources being wasted on investigating false leads and identifying fraudulent documents.

Brainwave Science

Reveal hidden information present in a subject’s brainwaves and combat powerful immigration challenges with iCognative™

For a more efficient and accurate immigration control

This technology allows immigration agents to quickly screen suspicious individuals at immigration control and identify when information is being hidden or if papers are fraudulent, making the interview process more efficient and accurate.

iCognative™ is non-invasive and does not violate human rights, it is safe and easy to administer after simple training. With iCognative™, immigration control becomes more efficient and accurate, making it a much safer process for everyone involved.

With iCognative™ you can:

  • easily identify those involved with the trafficking of contraband
  • reveal false travel documents
  • reveal someone’s true identity
  • identify connections to threatening organizations
  • confirm a person’s future intentions
  • confirm a person’s innocence
iCognative headset