Border Security

iCognative harnesses information stored in the brain to protect borders from unlawful infiltration.

You can’t have national security without border security. Border security plays a key role in both the exclusion of illegal drugs and in defending countries against outside threats. Weak borders allow terrorists and smugglers, as well as millions of illegal aliens, easy entrance to desirable countries.

iCognative helps protect countries by aiding in the prevention of criminals, terrorists and terrorist weapons, including weapons of mass destruction, from entering a foreign nation.

In border security, immigration and customs, there are biomarkers such as fingerprints or retinal scans that can detect whether a particular individual is the same person as the person represented on his identification papers. What these biomarkers do not detect is whether or not this person is a threat to national security – a bomb- or IED maker, a trained terrorist, a terrorist financier, a member of a specific terrorist cell, and so on. This information is stored solely in the individual’s brain. iCognative can detect this security-related information and thereby help countries protect their borders.

Our Case Scenarios highlight iCognative’s instrumental value in security today. Contact Brainwave Science today to learn about this innovative and indispensable border security technology.